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Kootenai County Sheriff candidate Robert Norris reportedly verbally attacked photographer with vulgar and or criminal accusations.


According to eyewitness reports, at a recent campaign event in Cataldo, Sheriff Norris allegedly singled out a woman in attendance and made vulgar and “disgusting” remarks and accusations about her sexual habits.


Over 50 people attended a Republican candidate forum in Cataldo on Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

After receiving reports of an “unhinged” verbal attack from sheriff candidate Robert Norris, The Idaho report spoke with four people who were in attendance but wish to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal.  Those people confirmed that as Norris was speaking, he singled the woman out and reportedly made accusations about her character and sexual habits. Screenshots of a private Internet group seem to corroborate their statements that something awful was said by Kootenai County Sheriff Robert Norris.

“an outright, sexually explicit, verbal attack”

The victim turned directly to Sheriff Norris and said “what you said to me is disgusting”. 

Although the Norris campaign forbids recording at his campaign events, a video has surfaced. The clip below shows the victim, visibly shaken up, defending herself.  As she spoke, Norris interrupted her and asked if she had a question. At that point, an audience member yelled at him to shut up. 

Sheriff and County face lawsuit. 

We reached out to the victim, identified as Mrs. Collinson of Coeur d’ Alene.  Mrs. Collinson stated she had no comment and referred us to her attorney, Mark Ellingsen.  Mr. Ellingsen, a partner at Witherspoon Brajcich McPhee in Spokane, confirmed that Mrs. Collinson is his client and that they are “moving forward with proceedings”.

“The Idaho Report received a statement from an attendee who wishes their name withheld. This person, and at least two others claim to have provided written declarations to the victims attorney.  We have redacted parts of this person’s statement to protect the victim and her business, as it is just too  inflammatory and obscene to print here.

 “The incident happened at the town hall in Cataldo with 4 of the 5 (except Marc Eberlein) county commissioners and Bauer and Norris.  The candidates were to introduce themselves and when it was Norris’ turn he stood up and started by asking if there was anyone in the room that was 17 or younger.  When no one responded Norris looked directly at the female photographer standing across the room and said there is someone that likes REDACTED………………..  

There was no doubt he was speaking directly to the photographer.  Then he said she likes taking pictures of porn in the library. It was so bizarre and the whole room was in shock you could hear a pin drop.

Bauer went to the back of the room and began arguing with Mattare really loud although I could only hear the raised voices and not what they actually were saying.  Norris then went right into his introduction by that time.

The female photographer looked shocked!  When Norris finished his presentation the photographer was given the mic by a blond female at the front and the photographer seemed to be rebutting Norris’ accusations. She proceeded to say her relative had been murdered and she supported all of these seemingly children’s organizations which she listed.  I still don’t know what that was all about but I do know it was totally inappropriate!”

More than 50 people in attendance


When confronted with irrefutable truth,  Norris and his supporters usually resort to personal attacks rather than discussing the issues.




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