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A Kootenai County Deputy Sheriff crashed his personal vehicle and fled.  I have removed his identity; this is not about the crash or embarrassing him, but what happened after.  From the ISP report: “The driver left the scene and failed to report the crash. Contact was made with the driver at his home a short time later, and he appeared to be highly intoxicated at that time.”

The case was referred to the Shoshone County Prosecutor. Shoshone was unable to charge him with anything significant because Kootenai County stonewalled their investigation. 

The deputy kept his job and only got a slap on the wrist.


 From Trooper Baldwin’s report:

7. Though an evidentiary test was not performed on ****, based on my training and experience, I believe his BAC was well over the legal limit, and likely would have been excessive. From my nearly 22 years of combined experience as a Trooper and then a Patrol Sergeant, I don’t believe it was possible for to consume enough alcohol in the short time between his arrival at his residence, and the time Sgt. Howard and I contacted him (well under an hour) to elevate his BrAC to the level it was when I spoke with him.


Is fleeing the scene of a DUI Crash a get out of jail free card for Kootenai County Deputies?


These are the documents I have obtained so far from The Idaho State police, The Kootenai County Sheriff, and the Shoshone county prosecutor’s office.

Sheriff Bob Norris fails to comply with subpoena
Kootenai County Sheriff Subpoena

KCSO Ignores subpoena

Because the Kootenai County Sheriff stonewalled the investigation, the deputy was only charged with 49-1403 “Knowingly permitting the operation of a motor vehicle contrary to law”

KCSO did not comply with subpoena

Memo speaks to more stonewalling

Supporting Documents


When confronted with irrefutable truth,  Norris and his supporters usually resort to personal attacks rather than discussing the issues.


The public record list is long on this report, check back later for updates.

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