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The Idaho Report is a new type of news outlet.  We are a news agency incorporated in the State of Idaho. Our founder, businessman John Grimm, a member of the Idaho Press Club, started The Idaho Report out of frustration at the lack of investigative journalism in the Inland Northwest.

Our mission is simple; select a topic, do the research, publish the truth.

As a result of our format, our articles are not rushed to publication. Records requests take time; two of our first articles required a lawsuit and a threat of a lawsuit to force the release of records.

Our format is also simple. A one-line TL;DR (too long, didn’t read), a one-paragraph summary, and the full story, including documentation to back up our claims and instructions on how you can obtain your own copies. 

Unlike traditional news outlets, our articles contain just facts and statements. If we offer an opinion, it is clearly labeled “opinion” and highlighted.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at The Idaho Report is publishing unbiased, informative, educational reports. We are dedicated to the highest quality of journalism, we select a topic, do the research, publish the truth and we deliver it with authenticity, honesty, and sincerity.